Friday, March 30, 2012


We made it to Lansing, Michigan 
where we were
Andrea and her family.

Lilly, Andrea and  Eden (JM was at work)

Here is Andrea,
Lilly and Eden
in front of
their new home.

We helped (or tired to) get stuff organized and placed around the house.

Can you imagine 5 of us ladies trying to decide the right place to hang stuff.
Or the perfect wall to put the couch or piano on >!>!
Andrea got the last say ... of course!  
I think her house looks beautiful!
And we made some fun memories.
We told her "the nails are in" just change the stuff all around when we leave!

You cannot imagine my joy
to see this sight.  
Yup !   Norwax rags boiling in the water!!
Leanna will be SO proud.

Not every young mom properly cares 
for her Norwax rags!We shared lots of good meals together. 

I especially like these 'Sausage Croissants"

and "Jets" pizza is about the best I've ever had!

   We walked to playgrounds,
shopped a mall,
ate at Fazoli's,
watched 'Girl" Movies,
and painted everybody's toes!

We also tried to line all the
little girls up on the couch.

It didn't go so well!!



Though these cousins are 
separated by hundreds of miles
and don't get to see each other 
very often,
their hearts seems knit together in love.

And that is a true blessing

for me, for them!!

Thanks again Andrea,

I love you!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What do these dates have in common ? ?

In 1928:

     * 3M introduces SCOTCH TAPE for the first time
     * George Eastman introduced the first COLORED MOTION PICTURE
     * The first batch of BUBBLE GUM was produced 
     (it was pink - the only shade of food coloring on hand)
     * After 50 years of research the OXFORD DICTIONARY was published
     * MICKEY MOUSE had his film debut
     * Shirley Temple was born
     * Mayo Angelou was born

and on March 21, 1928 
was born in St Ansgar Hospital in Moorhead, MN

In 1954:

     * TV DINNERS were available for first time
     * Average American middle class home measures 800 sq ft
           and costs $7,000
     * Supreme Court unanimously rules against segregation of
            public schools
     * The first modern SHOPPING MALL opened in Southfield, MI
     * Oprah Winfrey was born
     *John Travolta & Jerry Seinfeld were born

and on March 21, 1954
was born at St Johns Hospital in Fargo, ND

When I was just a kid I felt bad that my birthday was on the same day as my mom's as I had caused her to be in the hospital on her birthday.  But now that I'm a mom ... I know she was thrilled to have her second daughter born on her very birth day.

Each year 
we celebrate together.  
Each year 
I thank the LORD 
for another year of 
having my mom 
living near me.  
It is a true blessing.

She blesses me by her example. 
She is truly a humble and submissive helpmate.
One who does not answer back. 
One who keeps 'doing the right thing'.
She blesses me by caring and praying for my family.
She blesses me by doing ALL my mending and ironing for me.
I love her tons and pray the LORD will give us more days
and years to enjoy each other!

Shirley, Mom, Me, Cheryl, Dad
We did a craft at our Birthday Party.
It is the crosses and the tomb.
The grass will grow up ... hopefully ...

I'm not sure if this is Katie's?

I'm not even sure why we were looking
at Katie's craft?!?! 

Katie promised to do the next craft!

I can't wait!   

                                       Here I am blowing out the candles
on the cake.

 See the candle 
w a y  over on the right. 
It is still burning brightly!

When I was a child you always had to
 blow ALL the candles out or 
it meant you had however many candles were left as boyfriends.  Silly thing!

I left ONE burning for the ONE love of my life!!  

S H M I L Y  

We also had some pretty sweet

"dress up"

going on that night.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Alyssa celebrated 10 years

of life on February 21, 2010.

We celebrated at Happy Joes

where kids can play games,

earn tickets and get prizes!

Alyssa is trying to blow out

all 10 of those candles in

her very cool

D Q  Ice Cream Cake!

Here she is with her sibs.

Lindsey, Carly, Eddy and Nolan.

Alyssa likes softball...

just like her mom!

She has a gentle

way of putting babies

to sleep.  Selah can often 

be found sound asleep

in Alyssa's arms.

(She's like her dad in this way!)

Here she is holding

Amy Bahtiraj and Selah.

Both Lindsey and Alyssa

have  been crocheting

and knitting....

girls after gramma's own heart!

I pray, Alyssa, that you will

always have a desire to

love, obey, honor and serve,


the One who paid for your sins!

I love you .....

A Double Celebration

This year we celebrated
Lindsey  and  Lydia 's 

Lydia turned 5

on February 8, 2012.

She had a 


Lydia is often so full of 

hugs and love

that it just comes bubbling 

out of her!

She loves playing dress up, 

playing games

and all things "girly".

She loves, loves, loves

to color and often colors me

some beautiful pages!

I pray that this is the year

                                                                   that Lydia trusts .... 

            "He who did not spare His own Son,

but gave Him up for us all ...."

Romans 8:32

I love you Lydia, with all my heart ! !

Lindsey turned 12 on Feburary 6, 2012.

I remember very clearly the day she was born.  

I became a gramma 

for the very first time!

Lindsey has the distinction 

of being the oldest of all our grandchildren.

Here are the birthday girls with some of their cousins.
I will never tell our secret about this picture, Lindsey!
That is not an easy spot ....

That means  she is the

"oldest cousin".  

That means that the other kids

look up to her.

That means she has a 

very big responsibility ! !

Lindsey had some great desserts

at her party.

 She is turning into a good cook, 

a good volley ball player,

a good helper to her mom ....

and a lovely young lady

who I love with all my heart!

I pray Proverbs 4:23 for Lindsey.

"Keep your heart with all  diligence
for from it flow the springs of life."

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


On Jan 10th 

Briann celebrated her


That is a pretty



 Just take a look at 

these cakes ! ! !


nothing like a

D  Q   Cake

to celebrate a

Golden Birthday ! !

Here's Briann

with her mom and dad.






 And here she is.....

just trying to decide how best

to blow out 


Whew.... she did it!

Since her last birthday, Briann has
been baptized.  proclaiming to
all the world her desire to
love, obey and follow
the LORD Jesus Christ.

I pray she always will do just that!

As a gramma,
3 John 1:4,
is a verse I think of often.  It says,

"I have no greater joy
than to hear
that my children (and grandchildren)
 are walking in the truth."

Briann likes to read,

play soccer, sing, act ....

and play Word Feud with

her gramma!

I  love you


with all my heart !