Thursday, March 17, 2011

G'rama Camp one of my favorite things to do.

All of the grandkids (who do NOT wear diapers!) are invited to my house for a


We made this 'coat of many colors for Joseph
We started Notebooks several years ago and add something to our notebook each time we get together. We have done little unit studies on the Books of the Bible, Creation, Attributes of God (which we add to) and Heroes of the Bible (which we add to).  This time we are doing a study on  the life of Joseph.  There is so much for the kids to learn from Joseph's life.

Tonight we talked about Joseph's trust in his God.  Through trial and trouble....Joseph remained true to his God.  And God blessed him for it. He made all he did to prosper.
We always have special treats....their moms are so good about offering to bring stuff!

This time Elly and Eddy were added to our group!  YEAH ........

We watch carefully selected movies.

Tonight we will have popcorn with M & M's, Oreo Blizzards and Red Licorice.  All of which the kiddos get to eat in Grama's living room while watching a movie!  Now that is special!!

 For breakfast I will make caramel rolls.

I love spending this time with the kids!  I can't believe some of the things they say and do when away from home!!  They have all been taught well.  They listen, respect and obey.

My deepest desire is that the Word of God, which is SO powerful, will capture their little hearts and minds, that each one of them would come to KNOW and to LOVE my Savior as their Savior. And that their desire would be to know Him, to know His Word and to obey it and live by it.  Some of them have trusted the LORD as their Savior already....others have yet to come to trust Him.  But I know God's Word is powerful and am so grateful for the opportunity to have this input in their lives.