Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Carly ! !

I picked up my mom today and

 Jeshanah and I drove out to

Hawley to see

Carly on her 8th Birthday!

We feasted at the DQ ...

shopped at the

Hawley Thrift Store ...

and picked up some 

much needed Hot Tub Filters

at Olson Pools in Hawley.

It was a quick but fun trip.

Jill posted a sweet 

benediction prayer for Carly here 

as well as some cute pictures of her.

My prayer for Carly is that

she would know the LORD Jesus

as her Savior and obey and trust

Him all the days of her life.

Here's a pic of my 

sweet mom with Jill.

My mom has been

a precious jewel to me

for many, many years now.

I pray that she will continue on in

the joy of the LORD all the

days of her life!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stinkin Skunk -- Steakout

Tonight's the night

to end the skunk banquet

in the Martinson shed.

The trap is set ....

the dogs and cats are

safely put away ...

the gun is loaded ...

the binoculars are ready ....

Sam is steaked out on the couch ... ready to report to grandpa

when the stinkin skunk gets trapped ... 

Hopefully ... sometime in the night

the stinkin skunk will once again come for

 his nightly banquet ....

This night ... instead of

 just dog food and cat food,

the stinkin lucky skunk can

feast on bacon 

AND a hot dog!!

Thanks to Lois, who wants more than anyone

 to end the stinkin skunk nightly spray.

Here Comes the Bri ----- Baby

Last Saturday I was sitting 
at my good friend, 
Jenn's wedding,

patiently waiting for her to walk down the isle 
to Jon, whom the LORD has 
so graciously provided for her.

I was also patiently waiting 
for news from my daughter 200
miles away ... back at home .... 
who was in labor.

Just as the wedding party 
was walking down the isle,

a text message came from JoAnna .....

 He's here !!

Philemon Marlyn Alan Rockhold

was born, weighing in at

8# 1 oz.

He is a beautiful gift from the LORD!

As the wedding ended and reception began 
we enjoyed some good fellowship 
with friends we have not seen
for a long time and some short 
but sweet fellowship with 
John and Bobbie Heller.

The trip home went by quickly

and soon we were up at the hospital to

see little Philemon and JoAnna and Andrew.

So thankful for Jeshanah, who took such good care

of Philemon's little sisters, Elly, Anna and Selah.

It is so fun to finally have another boy

added to the brood.

The count now is

5 boys


11 girls.

We welcome little Philemon

into our hearts

and pray for the day

LORD Jesus as his Savior.

"Children are gifts

from the LORD ..."

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Reading now in the book of Job,

one of the oldest books in the Bible.

It's a comfort to know that God

was the one who dictated what satan

could and could not do to Job.

It is God who called Job a righteous man. 

God's ever watchful eye was on Job.

Allowing just the right amount of suffering.

He sure did trust Job with a lot!

Job's friends, miserable comforters though they were,

came with good intentions to comfort and cry with him.

But they soon found the need to blame Job for his

suffering ... to pry his sin out of him.

Even his wife finally announced, 

"Job, just curse God and die."  Whoa

Monday, October 8, 2012

On A Mission ....

Why do my shirts get
tiny holes in them .... ?

"This is a conundrum!"

"This is a worldwide phenomenon!"

"Baffling holes in my shirts - making me nuts!!"

These quotes were from the internet.

I had no idea this was such a popular

subject until I decided to 

GOOGLE  it today.

I have had some very good laughs!!

It's funny how nobody wanted to mention
this as they thought they were the only
one it was happening to.

Possible answers:

Silverfish, moths in dresser drawers
Granite counter tops
Belt Buckle
Zipper Tab
Washing Machine 
Jeans Button
Gap Jeans
Seat Belt
Desk Edge
Mercedes Seat Belts
Little Corner on top of jeans
Copper in Jeans button
Chemicals, bleach, battery acid
Heat from Computer
Cat  (not in this house!)
Too hot wash water.
And this is my fav .....
Belly Button secretions! !   really ????
People are that gullible??

Hmmmm  Well I am on a mission to figure this out.

My holes are not as big as this one shows and often 

there is only one.

At least at first there is only one.

If it was silverfish or moths - why would it ALWAYS be in the same place??
Bugs are not smart enough to know the back from the front of my shirts!!
Bugs in dresser drawers - my shirts are all hanging.
If it was the washing machine or improper washing - same question as above.

I stopped wearing a belt way last winter because of this very thing ...

but am still getting the holes.

Too hot water just would not do this.  I'm an experienced clothes washer!
The washing machine is also not smart enough
to always put these holes in the same place.
Heat from computer - naw, doesn't make sense.
Gap Jeans - I wear them but also wear others ...
this does not make sense.

Still on my list is:  Granite counter tops, 
Button on Jeans, Seat Belt.

So what are your thoughts on this... ????

there are hundreds of posts about it online!!

I'm thinking 'friction' has something to do with it.

I have granite counter tops and have started wearing an apron in the kitchen,

thinking the mystery was maybe solved.

But today - I have not worked in my kitchen.  I looked carefully at my shirt

this morning when I put it on.  No holes.  When I just looked carefully

at it again .... it looks a little "whitish" like friction has been a part and if I

look very carefully I can see the smallest beginning of a hole!  

This is makin' me pretty upset!  I too have had to say good-by to

some shirts I just loved ... and several of them brand new!

I buckled my seat belt across my waist already 6 times today ...

Hmmmm ..... 

I'm throwing my thoughts in with this lady: (100 shirts!!) whoa

My daughter suggested I google this as I've been having the same problem for the last 3-4yrs. I'm @ my wits end as in this time I've gone thru at least 100 tops. Many worn only 1-3 times. Even @ sale prices this gets very expensive not to mention the total frustration. I've been paying closer attention of late & have determined that it has several causes. Rubbing on something is the common root cause. If my shirt rubs on or is being rubbed by any of the following it seems to happen: untucked shirt rubbing on top corner edge of "closure tab" and/or on button/metal closure: seat belts: counter tops: metal zippers of coats w/out storm flaps: and belt buckles. It even happens if my shirts are tucked in because of the small amount of slack that allows shirt to even barely hang over top edge of jeans waistband & rub on the top corner above button.I too try to remember to pull shirt out from under seat belt, but even that doesn't always work. If I catch it early the material will have an area that gets rubbed shiny before it creates holes. Will keep looking for solution.

or perhaps this lady has the answer ....

It was happening to me for about a year before I found out what it was. I wore a new top with jeans and was fine. I drove to a girlfriend's house which was 5 mins away and when I got out of the car I had a hole in another brand new top. For me it was the seat belt rubbing the top against the button on my jeans. I know make sure I pull my top over the seat belt (waistband part) and it no longer happens to me. Very expensive exercise until I figured out how to stop it!
this sounds like a good argument too ....I'm gonna check it out ... 

do any of you drive GM model cars? i used to drive a Buick and now a Chevy and they both have a little plastic circle on the lap belt exactly where my shirts fall....i figured out that was it...put a piece of tape over it and i have been hole free for a couple months now...!!!

this would not cover me ....  I'm shorter than that

Is everyone 5'4" or 5'5". I'm trying to figure out if it's a height issue and then might explain the granite or any countertop causing the holes.

this lady is SURE she has the answer.....

I know from EXPERIENCE what this is exactly. Some of you have some crazy answers but they aren''t right...its not bugs I promise you!! Its your jeans, ladies. When you sit, the pointy part of where the button is (the very pointed tip where they clasp together) rubs on the shirts. And when u sit it rubs worse than when you are standing, and yes when you lean over somethin, makes it worse, also your seatbelt makes it even worse too. Put your shirt OVER your seatbelt.

and this lady seems to know the answer for sure

and I do have granite counter tops .....

The answer is granite counter tops. You would think that your granite counter tops are smooth, and they certainly seem smooth. However, if you look closely you''ll see that they have tiny holes and imperfections that you can''t feel with your finger. These little holes have quite sharp edges and catch the threads in your shirt right at belly height. They cut through just one or two threads, and then the holes separate and run. They become more obvious the next time you wash the shirt, which is why people think their machines are the culprits. 

Answer? Apron while cooking will help. That doesn''t solve the issue of you leaning over the counter to reach something when you just want a glass of water. I''m considering filling the little holes with something...clear nailpolish is going to be my first try.

ewwww... Myron would not be happy with me doing this
to our counter tops!!

but this one --  its just wrong!

Some have said here that it freaks them out to have some sort of possible secretion from their belly button, but I think that could be just because we aren't familiar with it. We regularly clean wax out of ears, blow our noses, and deal with "sleep" in our eyes in the morning. That doesn't freak us out... why should some sort of slightly acidic "leakage" from our belly buttons? 

Another day goes by ... and I am still on my mission!!

But getting closer to the answer.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Birthday ... Birthday

To celebrate the

"older" girls' birthdays 

(Jeshanah and up ...)

we have started the

tradition of going out for 

 supper together.

On September 7th,

Lois turned 36 and we celebrated

by going to the new 

Longhorn Steakhouse.

The ambiance was nice,

not as noisy as Texas Roadhouse.

The food was good but the

fun and fellowship was the best!!

Last Thursday we 

celebrated Julia's 23rd birthday.

Do you see these fresh rolls?

Julia was so hungry

she had two of them

gobbled up

before anyone else got 

to eat one!!

And all this fresh cut meat!

Can you guess that 

Julia's choice of restaurant was

Texas Roadhouse.

And these 

"loaded fries"

can you believe that

EACH of my lovely

DIL's ordered her

own plate of these??

We had a good laugh over that!

We are all happy when fall rolls around.

5 of us have Fall birthdays.

This has become a very

fun tradition that we all

look forward to. 

 Anyway we girls look forward

to it.  I didn't check with the guys ... who so lovingly stay

home with the children.  Thanks guys !!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Busy and Productive Weekend

We got the steps from the upper level
 to the lower level done on the deck.
Myron's an expert at steps!!
And they DO look lovely.
I hope we have more warm weather so
I can enjoy the new platform!

Briann played waaay over at the Pepsi Complex
so we weren't able to take in her soccer game Saturday  ...

But .....

Sydney played her little heart out and
it was lots of fun watching her.


those dimples are there on both of these girls ....
whether they are grinning at the camera or
playing soccer!

We cheered for #14  ALL THE WAY!

             Cody played today too ...

                He is as fast as lightening 

                        out on the field!

           Made some sweet goals and

                       some quick take aways!

These kiddos 'talked' this gramma into

 just one

of the many cardboard boxes that needed
to be broken down and taken to recycling.

Since they have been so good about
helping me out in the yard ...

I said, SURE ! !

They are see'in some fun times 
sledding with this box!

How could I say no ..... ? ? 
Maybe I will even sled with them!!

Sam and Chloe also played

soccer last Friday night.

Lydia kept busy practicing soccer with her dad!