Sunday, July 29, 2012

Friday Night Fun

 Friday night after Campfire

we gathered in the Dining Hall

for snacks and end of week fun!

We played

"Clue Charades" and we all

laughed really hard.

Emily S has a very special

"Hawaiian" sorta walk!

Then Leanna and Laura,

our lovely Sports Leaders 

for the week,

were given frozen T-shirts

and we laughed as they raced

to be the first to get them on!!

Way to go, Leanna!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hamen ... and

Esther's feet!

Cabin Signs

More Girl Time

Practical and lively

 discussions in 

Kings Court Suite

with the Teens

 this week.

Our motto:

What happens

or whats talked about

 in Kings Court Suite,

stays in Kings Court Suite

 .....  (you too  .... Linda!)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dressing Up The Dining Hall

Getting the dining hall

ready for the Banquet.

The girls will dress up and

come to supper tonight.

Then there'll be a lot of smiles,

a lot of pictures and a lot of great food!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Girls, Girls Everywhere

Girl Time at SBL .....

Where we are enjoying 

coffee ...

chocolate ...

.Puppy Chow ...

and a good time .....

Prayer Warriors .... we are !

Teresa King (who shares the afternoon

lesson with the girls at camp) and I 

pray for every camper and

every staff lady by name ...

every day !

It has been a joy and an encouragement to me!

We know where the POWER is!

What Little Boys Do At Girls Camp Chapel!

Nolan is being 

such a good boy!  

Keeps pretty busy

play'in with his

Thomas the Train stuff!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Funny Hair /Abigail and Nabol

Hannah and Tiffany Nale
Tricia Wagar

This was funny hat or hair night.

The girls love dressing themselves up.

A funny hat,

on a funny girl,

Laura Messerly ! !

Each night after supper

we enjoyed a skit about

a Biblical Woman.

This just happens to be

Nabel, David, Abigail

and the rest of that gang.

Jerks in the Morning !

Jeshanah and Hosanna 

led the morning "jerks"

each day.

A lively and energetic time ! ! 

Love those socks!!

This is what 70 girls

look like doing 

push ups in the morning!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Funny Dress Up

This was 

Funny Dress Up Night.

Hannah and Tiffany

were Prairie Girls.

Briann and Maddie

dug through the

"Costume Barrell"

and found these clothes.

Tricia and Lindsey

made a unique pair!

And these are the lovely 

counselors from Lake Side South,

Brooke and Jeshanah.

The girls dressed them up like this

for the

"Dress up your Counselor" night.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thankful for "Good Deals" n "Sidewalk Sales"

This  L  O  N  G   receipt is 
doubled up!
It is taller than I am!

So thankful for Claire's and their
10 for $10 sale.

Was able to get a lot of prizes
for Girls Camp and VBS!

God's Amazing Creation

I spotted this bug 

on our door frame.

Its body looked so much like a leaf.

It's legs looked like little sticks.

I pushed it off the door

unto my ivy plant.

It is so well camouflaged

that I NEVER would have seen this

rather large bug on my plant.

Do you see it over there??

Hiding ...

just waiting for Jeshanah

to come home so it can jump 

out at her!!

Here's another amazing look.

The body look incredibly

like a leaf and the legs look

just like sticks.

God's creation


A M A Z I N G !!

I marvel at it all the time.

What a wise and awesome 

Creator God we have!

Friends from Long Ago and Far Away

We had the joy of having some friends

 visit last weekend.

They serve the LORD in a far away land.

So this is Amy and I.

And this is the


of the family!

Wayne, Katie, Emily, Carol, Rebecca & Daniel
When I was a teenager,

I use to babysit Wayne.

His father, Myon, 

discipled my Myron and

taught him so much about the

LORD and His Word.

Now he is all grown up with a family

of his own.

Spending his life

Wayne, Gary, Myron, Mark & Doug
for the sake of the Gospel

and the glory of the LORD!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Precious Heart ...

This heart is 

from Switzerland!

It traveled a long way to

get to our home!

It's Belgium chocolate and

it is almost too pretty to eat.

(I actually want to save it!)

But the 

bearer of the chocolate heart

is far more


and far more

valuable ! ! !

We love you Carly!

Thanks for the visit and

the very sweet desserts!