Thursday, September 26, 2013

Iwo Jima war Memorial

The Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial.

The capital at night.

Wed night we went on a night time your off the city. It was really many ways!

I thought this was a cool name .. reminded me Chariots of Fire.

There are always plenty of these around
As well as these

We visited Ford's Theatre where President Lincoln was fatally shot. And toured the house across the street where he actually died. It's been turned into a nice museum.

We experienced a jail cell ...

And a cool Harley the police use.

She didn't do so well shooting the birds or bottles ... guys she needs some hunting practice with her brothers.

Where she met this scary criminal. Enough of that!

But it only landed her here!

We also visited the Museum of Crime and Punishment which was really cool. Jeshanah was at a simulator where we had pistols and we're told to shoot when our life was in danger. She had 3 lethal shots or of 6. Her brothers would be proud!

Presidential Streets

American History comes alive at the National Museum of American History.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

1st Apple Computer.

National Museum of American History.

We catch a hotel shuttle to the Metro Station where we purchase our fare cards. It costs more during rush hour which is pretty long here! The train goes pretty fast and the door only open for 15 seconds at each stop.

Waiting for the Blue Line Metro

The Martinsons go to Washington --day 2