Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wedding Kisses

Here is Matt and Julia....unaware or uncaring of any automobiles that may be racing down the busy street!! Maybe its because this kiss came just an hour or so after their first kiss! Notice the dark pick up on the left...whose quick thinking or observant eyes just may have prevented an accident!!

Wedding Smiles

On the left is Cody at the wedding. The last wedding - (JoAnna & Andrew's) he would just sit on the step and pout when anybody wanted him to smile. This photographer brought out the BEST in him. I love this little guy for his crazy ways.... Over on the right is Nolan....with his special wedding smile. He looked so sweet in his little 'man suit'.

Pocket Contents

What does a lady, a mom, a gramma have in her pocket the day of her daughters wedding?

My beautiful fifth born daughter, Julia, was married last Friday and I just now emptied out the pocket of the clothes I wore over to the chapel. The pocket contained:

One used Kleenex & one unused Kleenex
A Dora Band aid fresh off a little finger
Three Dum Dums -intended to keep little ones quiet during wedding (didn't use them!)
Used gum wrapper -- no gum inside (must have swallowed it)
Village Inn receipt (family tradition to go for breakfast on wedding morning)
Stegosaurus (plastic) to keep little ones occupied
Crest White Strip package (unused) intended to use this on the way to the chapel
One dollar bill
Sugar Free Caramel Coffee Nips wrapper - definitely not enough caffeine for the day for me!
So there you have it! Of all the things going thru my mind the week after my daughters wedding I blog about "pocket contents". Hopefully more will follow.